Why I Should Consider a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

A provincial nominee program comes with its own benefits and peculiarities. It is an immigration pathway that has proved successful and this article would show you why you should consider a PNP if you are eligible. Canada’s provincial nominee programs (PNPs) offer a pathway to Canadian permanent residence for individuals who are interested in immigrating to a specific Canadian province or territory. Each Canadian province and territory operates its own PNP designed to meet its specific economic and demographic needs. Every year, the Canadian federal government increases the number of invitations for PNP candidates. These programs are the fastest-growing route to economic immigration in Canada. 

Each province, with the exception of Quebec, operates several PNP streams. These streams are designed by the provinces to help meet their unique immigration goals, so the eligibility criteria and application procedures vary.  However, PNPs are a popular option because they can be the fastest pathway to Canadian permanent residence. All decisions regarding Canadian permanent residence must be approved at the national level by the federal government, so Canada’s provinces cannot approve permanent resident status on their own. This is why the provincial programs are considered “nominee” programs. 

A successful applicant to a PNP will be nominated by the province to submit an application for permanent residence to the federal government; This means that securing a provincial nomination is always step one in a  two-part process. First, an interested immigrant is approved at the provincial level and then they must apply to the federal level. 

Provinces and Territories 

Each of Canada’s provinces and territories operates its own unique Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) designed to meet its economic and demographic needs. Program requirements and application procedures vary greatly between provinces, so interested applicants should consult each of the provinces in order to determine their eligibility.


British Columbia 


New Brunswick 

Newfoundland and Labrador 

Northwest Territories 

Nova Scotia 


Prince Edward Island 




How many PNPs are there in Canada? 

Each of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories operates its own PNP program with several streams.  Altogether, there are more than 80 different provincial nominee programs! 

Am I eligible for a Canadian PNP? 

The eligibility factors for PNPs vary from province to province. As PNPs are a part of an economic immigration strategy, they are usually organized in such a way that they attract workers who can readily contribute to the economy and who have a high likelihood of remaining in that province. Therefore, some PNPs prioritize immigrants who have experience in occupations that are in-demand in that province. Other PNPs prefer immigrants who have a connection to the province, like a relative, as this increases the chance that they will remain in the province. As it is with most economic immigration programs, young applicants who possess strong language skills, high levels of education, and skilled work experience are better suited to succeed. Otherwise, it is necessary to consult the above-mentioned list of PNPs in order to determine the eligibility factors for each program individually. 

What are the requirements for Canada’s PNPs? 

The requirements are different for each PNP in Canada. Provinces and territories are often looking for applicants with work experience that meets the needs of their specific labor market. They also take into consideration language proficiency, education, and skill set. In order to qualify, you must demonstrate that you will be able to contribute to the local economy, and have a genuine intention to settle in that province or territory.

What is the processing time for a PNP application? 

Applying for Canadian permanent residence through a PNP program is a two-step process. First, you must apply to the province. Once that has been approved, you must then submit your application to the federal government.  Only the federal government can grant you Canadian PR. Processing times vary from one province to the next, but it typically takes a few months for your application to be processed. This tool can help you find out the processing time at the federal level. 

How to apply for a Provincial Nominee Program in Canada 

Consult a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant today to get a current step-by-step guide on how to apply and obtain a Provincial Nomination Certificate. We can help you put together a strong application to increase your chances of obtaining a Provincial Nomination Certificate which one of the fastest routes to immigrate to  Canada.

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