In a move to address concerns over unsustainable levels of legal migration, the UK government has on 11 March 2024 implemented new rules aimed at cutting net migration and tackling visa abuse. These changes, spearheaded by Home Secretary James Cleverly MP, focus on various sectors, including care workers and international students, to ensure a more ethical and sustainable approach to immigration.

Care Workers’ Restrictions:

One significant change is the restriction on care workers bringing dependants, a measure introduced after a disproportionate number of dependants accompanied workers in the sector last year. Care providers in England acting as sponsors for migrants are now required to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to combat worker exploitation and abuse within the sector.

Home Secretary James Cleverly emphasized the government’s commitment to protecting British workers while acknowledging the invaluable contribution of care workers to society. The changes aim to address issues such as false pretenses in visa applications, where care workers were offered jobs that either did not exist or paid below the minimum wage.

Wider Package of Measures:

The care worker restrictions are part of a broader set of measures to reduce the overall number of eligible migrants coming to the UK. The government plans to lay rules in Parliament to prevent the undercutting of British workers, including raising the salary threshold for skilled workers and removing the 20% ‘going-rate’ discount for migrant workers in shortage occupations.

Minister for Social Care Helen Whately MP emphasized the need for a more ethical and sustainable approach to social care needs. Reforms include a national career path for care workers and a new care qualification to boost the domestic workforce and reduce staff turnover.

Review of the Graduate Route:

The Home Secretary has commissioned a review of the graduate route for international students to prevent abuse, protect the integrity of UK higher education, and attract the best and brightest to the country. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) will ensure the demand for the graduate route remains focused on the UK’s best interests.

Changes to Immigration Salary List:

The Shortage Occupation List (SOL) will be abolished, and replaced by a new Immigration Salary List from April 4. The minimum salary for Skilled Worker visas will increase by 48% to £38,700, aimed at reducing pressure on public services and preventing the undercutting of British workers. The government emphasizes the importance of prioritizing highly skilled individuals who contribute significantly to economic growth.

Rising Minimum Income Requirement:

Starting from April 11, the minimum income requirement for family visas will rise, starting at £29,000 and increasing to £38,700 by early 2025. This is intended to ensure that dependants brought to the UK are financially supported.


These comprehensive changes to immigration rules reflect the UK government’s commitment to addressing concerns over abuse and manipulation of the immigration system. While the measures aim to protect British workers and ensure sustainability, the government is also working on domestic solutions to social care needs, including better training and clearer career paths. As the rules take effect, the impact on various sectors and the overall immigration landscape will be closely monitored.

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