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Before you go, Let us share a story with you about Mr Patrick, one of our Clients.

Mr Patrick, an ambitious individual seeking to immigrate to Canada, found himself in a predicament when his initial attempt with an unlicensed consultant proved futile. Time was ticking, and his hopes of pursuing a new life in Canada seemed to be fading.


Determined to not give up on his dreams, Patrick reached out to Kisha Immigration, seeking expert guidance and support.


Patrick’s previous experience with an unlicensed consultant left him frustrated and discouraged. His immigration process had stalled, and he was unsure of how to move forward. The lack of progress and the approaching deadlines were causing him significant anxiety.

Understanding Patrick’s urgency and concerns, we promptly assessed his situation and took charge of his immigration process.


The team carefully reviewed his documentation, identified potential roadblocks, and developed a tailored strategy to expedite his application.

With our expertise and personalized approach, Patrick’s immigration process gained momentum. Within a month of partnering with Kisha Immigration, Patrick received the news he had been eagerly waiting for – his immigration application had been approved!


Read What Mr Patrick Said about Kisha Immigration.

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