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United Kingdom

Rank: 8th | 183+ Visa Free Countries

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most connected countries in the world. At its center is the capital city of London, a business and cultural phenomenon that attracts people from virtually every nation.




Visa free travel throughout the UK common travel area.


Application is processed in as little as two weeks.


London is one of the world’s most prominent commercial and cultural hubs.


Direct international connections to nearly all major cities across the globe.


Very high standard of education provided by world-renowned boarding schools and universities.


You can bring your partner and children with you as your ‘dependants’.


  • Your business or business idea has to be endorsed by an approved body, also known as an endorsing body.
  • The business idea must be innovative, viable and scalable.
  • Meet the English language requirement Be at least 18 years old environment.

Application Process

  • Month 1
    Apply for visa.
    Collect visa.
    Enter country.
    Initiate the business venture

  • Year 1- 3
    No more than 180 days absent from the UK in each calendar year, to be eligible for permanent

  • Year 4
    Permanent residence granted.

  • Year 5
    No more than 90 days absent from the country.

  • Year 6
    UK citizenship may be granted if no more than 450 days were spent outside of the UK over the preceding 5 years and no more than 90 days in year 5.

Processing Time

  • 3 – 8 Weeks

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