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Wealthy foreign nationals can obtain Irish residency through the Ireland Investor Visa. In 2012, the Irish government implemented the Immigrant Investor Program (IIP), which allows non-EU/EEA nationals and their immediate family members to get one step closer to Ireland citizenship by investing a substantial amount of money in an Irish business or enterprise, thus creating new jobs and developing Irish economy




Live, work, or study in Ireland or UK with no restrictions


Bring a spouse to the UK or other EEA country under the EEU regulation


Investment Options 1

Minimum Contribution from €1,000,000

*Investment amounts are in USD


You qualify for the “Ireland Golden Visa”, and in turn, for Irish residency, if you are a foreign national not in the EU or EEA and you invest at least €1 million into one of the following investment options:

  • Enterprise Investment
  • Investment Fund
  • Real Estate Investment Fund (REIT)
  • Endowments

Processing Time

  • 12 Months+

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