Citizenship by investment programs allows families and individuals to obtain a second citizenship by making an investment in another country. Over 100 countries offer citizenship by investment programs with different requirements and investment options. These programs give you access to a second passport that can unlock access to over 150 countries in the world.


High-net-worth individuals can expand their horizons and business interests beyond their home country through residency by investment programs. These programs, also known as golden visa programs, allow individuals to obtain residency in a new country by making a significant investment.


Canada is a top choice for immigrants seeking new opportunities in job, education, and quality of life. The Canadian government offers several immigration programs to attract skilled workers from around the world, leading to permanent residency and citizenship.

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Kisha Immigration is a licensed Canadian immigration company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The company started out as a pro bono consultation and guidance service in 2016 before becoming a fully licensed company with an expanded reach and range of clients and services. This company was founded out of an immense passion of helping people find greener pastures and sharing in their joy when their dream becomes a reality.


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Kisha Immigration is a licensed Canadian immigration company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Below are countries of our support areas

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The truth is, studying overseas has many fantastic benefits, from helping you find a good job to improving your quality of life and that of your family

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Kisha Immigration is a licensed Canadian immigration company

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