A study permit lets you stay in Canada for the duration of your program, plus an extra 90 days. After that, you have two choices: leave Canada or extend your study permit.


If there is an event that it takes you longer than expected to complete your program of study or you want to switch to a more extended program after finishing your first one, you need to apply for a study permit extension from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It is necessary to stay in Canada as a student legally.


In this guide, we will be exploring some of the things you need to know before extending your study permit when to extend your study permit, the documents you need to extend your study permit, and how to apply for a study permit extension.


Things You Should Know Before Applying for a Study Permit Extension


Before you apply for a study permit extension, here are some important things to know:


– Apply for the extension at least 30 days before your current permit expires if you plan to keep studying in Canada.


– Get familiar with the online application process and check out the needed documents in the application guide.


– If your permit has already expired, apply for a new one to keep your temporary resident status if you want to stay and study in Canada.


– When you travel outside Canada, make sure you have the right documents to get back in and keep your legal status during your studies.


When to extend your study permit:


– Apply at least 30 days before it expires if you want to keep studying.


– Check your passport’s expiration date because your permit can’t be extended beyond that.


– If you apply before your permit expires, you can keep studying under the same conditions until they decide, but you have to stay in Canada for this to work.


– If you finish your studies early, your permit expires on the marked date or 90 days after you finish, whichever comes first.


When the 90 days begin:


It starts when you get your first notification from your school, like an email or letter saying you finished your program, or when you get your degree, diploma, or certificate.


If you can’t prove the notification date, they’ll use the earliest date on the document, and they might check with your school to make sure.


Documents you need for the extension:


1. For everyone: proof that you’re enrolled for the next term, a copy of your valid passport, proof of financial support, a digital photo, and the completed application form [IMM 5709].


2. Some may need more: Depending on your situation, you might need a medical exam, biometrics, or other documents.


How to extend your study permit:


1. Start early: At least 30 days before your current permit expires.


2. Apply online: Go to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) official website and log in to your MyCIC account.


3. Fill out the form and provide accurate and up-to-date information in the online study permit extension application form.


4. Get your documents together: Collect all the needed documents like proof of enrollment, a valid passport, and financial support documents.


5. Pay the fee: Use the accepted payment methods and keep the confirmation for your records.


6. Submit your application: Double-check everything, then submit it online through your MyCIC account.


7. Check the status: Keep an eye on your application status in your MyCIC account. It takes time, so be patient.


8. Respond to requests: If they ask for more information or documents, respond quickly. Check your MyCIC account regularly for updates or messages.


9. Keep studying: Continue your studies while waiting for the decision on the extension.


10. If approved, download your new permit. Get the new study permit from your MyCIC account, print it, and keep it with your passport.




Extending your study permit in Canada is crucial for international students to ensure uninterrupted access to education and a legal stay in the country. Successfully extending your study permit not only allows you to stay legally in the country but also enables you to fully immerse yourself in the Canadian educational experience.


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