Are you a post-graduate work permit (PGWP) holder in Canada worried about your permit expiring soon? Don’t fret! The Canadian Government has introduced a new temporary policy that allows eligible PGWP holders to extend their permits for an additional 18 months, making the process much easier than before.

What You Need to Know:

1. Eligibility:

• Application Process: Starting April 6, 2024, eligible candidates can submit their extension applications through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

• Temporary Work Permit: Once the application is submitted, applicants will receive a temporary work permit via email. This permit allows them to maintain lawful employment in Canada while their extension application is being processed.

2. Expired PGWP:

• Extension Opportunity: Even if your Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) has already expired, you can still apply for an extension under this new policy.

• Simultaneous Restoration: If you’ve exceeded the 90-day deadline for restoring your temporary resident status, you can apply for both the extension and status restoration simultaneously.

3. About to Expire PGWP:

Passive Application Process: If your PGWP is set to expire in 2024 and your passport and address details are up to date, you don’t need to take any proactive steps. You’ll automatically receive official communication from IRCC regarding the approval of your PGWP extension by mid-October.

4. No Email from IRCC:

Further Review: If you don’t receive an email confirmation from IRCC, it may indicate that you’re not eligible for the PGWP extension under the temporary policy. In such cases, your application might require additional review.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Gather Documents and Payment Card

• Required Documents: Ensure you have digital copies of essential documents, including a valid passport, your existing PGWP, proof of fee payment, and a formal letter stating your intention to apply for an open work permit extension under the new public policy.

• Payment Method: It’s important to have a valid Mastercard or Visa card for the application fee payment. American Express (AMEX) debit cards may not function correctly with the system, so avoiding using them is best.

Step 2: Fill Out the Application Form

Thorough Completion: Fill out the PGWP extension form meticulously, providing accurate and complete information as required.

Special Instructions: Follow the specific guidelines provided for filling out the form. In particular, pay attention to details such as selecting “Open Work Permit” in the intended work section, specifying “PGWP PP open” as the job title, and providing a brief description of duties as “Open work permit.”

Step 3: Pay Application Fees

Fee Payment Process: Log in to your online account on the IRCC website and proceed to pay the application fee of CAD 155 for the work permit.

Exemption: Note that you’re exempted from paying the additional CAD 100 fee typically associated with open work permits.

Step 4: Start Online Application

Account Creation: If you don’t already have an online account, create one on the IRCC website.

Application Initiation: Begin your application process by selecting the “Apply to come to Canada” option and follow the subsequent steps as outlined on the platform.


Extending your PGWP in Canada has become significantly more streamlined with the implementation of this new temporary policy. By carefully adhering to the outlined steps and ensuring compliance with the requirements, you can extend your permit and continue your professional journey in Canada for an additional 18 months. Take advantage of this opportunity to prolong your stay and enrich your Canadian experience.

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