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Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP), established in 1991 under its Economic Citizenship Program, is the most financially advantageous program of its kind.




No income tax on non-resident citizens


Ability to include a spouse, children under 31, unmarried siblings under 26, parents and grandparents of any age, as well as to add dependents after citizenship has been granted to the main applicant


Citizenship by decent available for future generation.

Investment Options

Investment Options 1

Option 1

Donation to the National
Transformation Fund:
• $100,000 (Single Applicant)

Option 2

Donation to the National Transformation Fund:
• $150,000 (An Applicant
with Spouse)

Option 3

Donation to the National Transformation Fund:
• $175,000 (For Family of 4)

*Investment amounts are in USD


  • Applicants must be twenty-one years of age (minimum)
  • Applicants must not have a previous criminal record

Processing Time

  • 6-7 Months

The Commonwealth of Dominica – not to be confused with the Dominican Republic — is a parliamentary democracy within the Commonwealth of Nations and a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

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