Many people worldwide dream of moving to Canada to make a better life for themselves. To work in Canada, you need permission from the Canadian authorities, known as a work permit, and achieving this dream involves several steps.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the whole process of applying for a work permit in Canada.

What is a Work Permit?


A work permit is an official document from Canada that permits you to work freely in Canada. You can either apply for an open work permit or an employer-specific work permit. It is valid for either a specific period or a specific employer’s contract period respectively.

When the employment contract or the period comes to an end, the permit expires, and you have to apply for a new one if you wish to continue working.

Employer Compliance


When you apply for a work permit in Canada, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) do various checks on your employer to make sure they follow the rules and protect your rights. Some of these checks include: –

– Genuineness of the employment contract

– Work conditions

– Compliance with federal, provincial, or local laws

– Debarment from hiring foreign nationals

If they discover any problems or if your employer doesn’t follow the rules during their checks, they have the power to stop your employer from hiring anyone from another country.

Tip:- Don’t fall prey to a fraudulent job offer, run your background checks before applying.

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)


In Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) gives out a report called the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This report looks at how hiring someone from another country might affect the job market in Canada. Before applying for a work permit, ensure your employer gives you this document. If your organization doesn’t need an LMIA, then you don’t have to worry about getting this document.

Work Permit application process insights


Step 1:- Gather Your Documents

Here’s a list of some of the documents that you need to attach to your application:-

– Identity proof

– Proof of Canadian employment

– Proof of Relationship

– Language exam certificates

Tip:- If you are submitting an online application keep the PDFs of scanned documents handy.

Step 2:- Fill the Application

The three forms you must fill out are-

– Application for work permit made outside Canada

– Document checklist

– Family Details form

Fill in all the forms carefully, and ensure you don’t miss any questions. You can visit any online portal to get a basic idea about the questions asked in the application.

Tip:- Add the document checklist with your application before sending it out.

Step 3:- Pay the Fees

There are 3 types of fees that you need to pay:-

– Application fee

– Work permit fee

– Biometric fee

You have to pay the fees in your local currency.

Tip:- Do not close the portal before printing the receipt.

Step 4:- Submission

Once you’ve paid the fees, the final step is to submit your application. You can either mail it to the visa application center or use the online portal to submit it.

After you submit your application, how long it takes to process depends on how you submitted it. If the authorities find out that your application is incomplete, they’ll send it back to you.



Securing a work permit in Canada involves thorough preparation, adherence to regulations, and careful documentation. From assessing the genuineness of the job offer to navigating the LMIA process and completing the application diligently, each step plays a crucial role. By staying informed, submitting accurate documents, and paying fees on time, you increase your chances of a smooth and successful work permit application.

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